70 year old icon: The historical Lakewood building that’s ready for something new

Morse Park in Lakewood can only be described as ideal. A meander through the neighborhood would feature lots of trees and beautiful, big lot homes that create a serene atmosphere, which is what brought the homeowners there in the first place.

Another gem in the Lakewood neighborhood is the schoolhouse that has been there since 1947 and has lived through many iterations and has become a historical icon in the neighborhood. The beautiful building is one that community members want to keep around in hopes that the potential of the vacant building can be fully realized.

While there is no current owner of the building, the possibilities of what it could become are endless. The one thing the community pushes back on though, is turning it into a housing. Apartments neighborhoods can create an entirely different feel and preserving the history of this part of Lakewood is what is important to locals. Finding just the right seller and buyer who understands the community is what matters in finding a new iteration for the school.


source: http://lakewoodsentinel.com/stories/sale-of-school-building-spurs-passion-for-neighborhood,250761

Photo: captured from link