May Single Family Home Update

# of Closed Sales: 8

Average Days on Market for Solds: 8

Median Sales Price: $508500

# of news listings: 6

Months of Inventory Last Month: 1

The median sold price of $508,500 is an 11.8% jump from May of last
year. Days to contract is also much stronger than last year, cutting May
of 2016’s average of 16 days in half – to only 8 days now. PSF Total
averaged $156 last year, and has jumped 17.3% to $183.

in our neighborhood there are 10 homes for sale, ranging from $253,500
for a 2 bedroom/1,140 SF townhouse (off and on the market since March)
up to $1,080,000 for a 4 bedroom/5,890 SF home next to open space. Both
listings around the million dollar mark have been for sale since
February/March. Excluding these 3 extremes (and including Mom’s Hill),
single family homes are priced from $395,000 up to $725,000. Excluding
Mom’s Hill, buyers will need an average of $484,000 to buy a home in
Green Mountain Estates.